Mum & Dad
Poorly Dog
Skiing with mum
My Mum
Lisa & Ross
Lunch at the Foley
Relaxing with Lisa & Ross
Mum at home
Baby Matilda
Joy & Matilda
Dave & Amelia
Bridget & Conor
Edmund & Bertram
Fish & Chips
Boys that lunch
Beautiful Helen
Johan & Millie
Windmills of Holland
Exploring the Dykes of The Netherlands
Aurora as our home for a week
Amsterdam with Johan & Millie
Beauiful walk with Millie
Alkmaar Canal
Canal towns
Me & Millie
Alkmaar Town
Lunch in the Mountains
The Italian Mountains
Neil & Erica
Where's Erica
Liam's Birthday
Liam, Fergus and Luca
Beautiful Island
Famous BBQs
David & Sarah
Anna & Morton
Anna's Birthday - El Diablo
Licata Sunset
George & Claire working hard
Clean Up Team
The Big Clean Up
Mosaic floor patterns
Mosaic Floor
Sicilian Scenery
Mosaic tiles
Almond blossom
Gymnastic mosaic
Mosaic floors
It is a bit windy!
Sunday BBQ
Wonderful croud
Views while driving
Stunning views
Modica's church
Modica with Lauri & David
Another church
Tea with David and Lauri
Licata Rubbish Protest
Thank you George & Barbara for our bag!
The views
Amazing temples
Seeing the Temples with Barbara
Selinute Temples
Exploring the Island
Temple in spring
Ready to lift
Getting ready to be lifted
Karine & Pierre on RR
Up she goes!!
Chain markers
She is flying
Walking to the beach
Luca & Fergus jumping the waves
A wet Luca
Easter in Licata
Happy hour
SY All Together
Mad couple
Drinking on All Together
Wonderful friends
Saku & Rita
And the winner is.....Karen!
Lovely hats ladies
Bonnets on
Sails on
Up you go Derek
Lovely Licata
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