View from the castle
Windy days
Stunning beaches
Birthday drinks
Birthday Pants
Birthday drinks and gifts!
Sarah and Claire
Walking Licata
The bright moon
George and Barbara
Dinner with French friends
Our marina
Watch out!
Rugby match
Rugby Crew
Happy Hour
Testing the temperature
Beach walk with Dion and Anna
Castle tour
Del and Patrice
BBQ gang
Sun set in Licata
Lovely Joy
Joy and Ed on the beach
The wine shop!
Montalbano's House
Agregenteo Temple
Walk this way
Beautiful sights
Agregenteo trip
The temples
Brass Statue
Temple from a far
Assisted walk
Sicilian Goat
Enjoying the happy hour
Beautiful beach
Montalbano's resturant
Enjoying the BBQ
Enjoying the view
Family photo
Beach walk with Betty and John
John relaxing
BBQ time
BBQ with George
Remy with Keiran
Beth and Remy
Licata by night
Funny Man!
Italian lessons
Sarah and David
Sights of Palermo
Palermo Lights
Stunning cathedral
Church in Palermo
Church in Ragusa Ible
Catherdral in Palermo
The Catacombs
Palermo fountain
Church ceilings in gold mosaic
Christmas lights on RR
Christmas Star decorations
Christmas decorations
Christmas day
Christmas dinner
Dancing in the streets
Friends on board Red Rooster
New years tent party
New Year's Eve tent party
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